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Please check for general information about our low-frequency ultrasound therapy device.

Longwave / Low Frequency therapeutic ultrasound for an effective treatment of muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints and bone conditions in working dogs, canine athletes and companion dogs.

K-9 Ultrasound low frequency ultrasound therapy for dogs produces the following effects within biological tissues: mechanical vibration, diathermy (deep heat), intense acoustic effects (stable cavitation, acoustical streaming and microstreaming).

Compared to traditional high frequency equine ultrasound therapy (1/3 MHz), our longwave ultrasound (38 kHz +/-2 ) produces a much more effective and deeper action for a faster recovery in the treatment of canine muscles, ligaments, tendons, joint structures and bones.

Through the use of six different hand probes, K-9 Ultrasound is able to modulate a wide range of frequencies, so that with the same device several different muscular, tendon, joint and bone canine pathologies can be treated, both in the acute or chronic stages.